Nurturing Our Business and Our People

On World Mental Health Day, it's a poignant moment to reflect on Hydrofix's journey and the importance we place on mental well-being within our organisation.

Back in 2015, when we were conceptualising Hydrofix, we recognised a significant gap in the market for a geoscience consultancy firm that not only upheld high standards but also prioritised the entire lifecycle of wind farm projects. Our belief in renewable energy as a solution for future generations was unwavering, but we understood that the success of any business hinges on more than just delivering excellent services to clients.

The foundation of this business lies in its people.  That sentiment has become a cliché in the world of business, but from day one at the business we openly acknowledged the importance to look after each other and to grow with great people.  To provide valuable services to our clients, we recognised the need to create an environment where our employees felt welcomed, engaged and could openly discuss matters beyond ongoing projects. Our vision was, and still is, to cultivate a workplace that feels like a second home - an environment where support, both professionally and personally, is not just encouraged but expected. This includes both for our team and our contractors. We aim to ensure individuals are supported and not left to tackle obstacles by themselves, which could lead to unnecessary stress and may demotivate not only the individual but also the wider team.

From the outset, our business plan was crafted with a keen focus on individuals, “good human beings” has always been a criteria for employment. Recognising that each person's needs are unique, our business model strives to create the right environment for all. While we can't and don’t claim to have all the answers or to understand every individual's mental health challenges, we are dedicated to making Hydrofix a place where everyone feels not just part of a workplace but part of a community, where personal and professional growth are equally valued.  The marine market is not unique, but those that work on projects in this sector know that certain phases can be all-consuming, it is these intense periods where the critical, and probably best, work is done but it must be balanced; as a business we must ensure individuals achieve a balance.

On World Mental Health Day, we reaffirm our commitment to fostering a workplace where mental well-being thrives. Our journey to promote positive mental health is ongoing, driven by the belief that in nurturing our business and our people, we contribute to a healthier and more compassionate world - one project at a time.