Leading UXO knowledge and expertise

The search for potential UneXploded Ordnance is integral to the planning process for offshore projects. Hydrofix possesses a wide ranging knowledge of UXO studies within the offshore environment and provide technical expertise, experience and qualifications across all relevant disciplines.

The Hydrofix team have worked with developers, contractors, operators and asset owners to provide support through all phases of UXO surveys, with experience in the development and execution of magnetic surveys for the search of potential UneXploded Ordnance (pUXO) dating back as early as 2002.

Extensive UXO services

From the desktop assessment through to detailed survey planning and site execution, Hydrofix can provide a service package to ensure the successful acquisition and processing of UXO survey data. This support ranges from the initial desktop assessments through to detailed survey planning and execution.

Hydrofix can provide a single-source solution or elements of the service, allowing clients to access only those services they require. With relationships in place with leading UXO contractors, Hydrofix is fully able to support survey activities via our expansive network - ensuring we are able to meet any demand at all stages of your development.

With our strategic industry partners, we can further provide the following further services:

  • UXO Detailed Risk Assessments
  • Cable Burial Risk Assessments
  • Contractor UXO Data QC & Analysis (including Master Target List Rationalisation)
  • Offshore Investigation and Disposal
  • Project ALARP Management

At the forefront of UXO survey

We have ensured that we remain at the forefront of the evolution of survey practices, data processing and interpretation in a bid to reduce the cost of survey, investigation, and disposal. Our team of highly experienced geophysicists are able to advise on the most efficient and cost-effective approach to the project from desk-top studies through to detailed survey planning and execution.

Hydrofix has specialist knowledge of offshore UXO projects and can provide high-quality in-house data processing, interpretation and quality control. We are able to optimise survey data in order to reduce acquisition costs and improve data coverage using innovative techniques, utilising the most relevant and cost-effective technical solutions for each project. With extensive experience in UXO data processing, Hydrofix is able to ensure that all data collected is validated and verified.