Marine survey compliance, guidance and support

Working with developers, our team ensures that all statutory requirements are met and monitoring programmes are both correctly implemented and optimised. Our team can help you to navigate your project through the legislative process, providing advice and support at key stages throughout development.

With a solid understanding of regional and national legislation related to marine survey activity, we advise on the best approach to ensure compliance at all phases of delivery. Liaising with regulatory bodies and project stakeholders, our team ensures that all issues relating to consenting activities are dealt with efficiently. Our team can also provide support for the delivery of marine licence applications, ensuring that all key documents are submitted correctly and on time.

A collaborative and transparent approach

Our team has decades of experience in the offshore renewable sector, advising on marine survey licensing requirements for numerous projects around the UKCS. We have worked closely with many developers to ensure effective project planning and development through the consenting process. We offer a complete service from initial planning through to obtaining marine licences and working alongside you at site commissioning.

Working alongside Clients, we ensure that all relevant issues are addressed at the earliest opportunity, with an emphasis on thorough consultation and effective communication. This ensures compliance with legislative requirements and helps to avoid costly delays further along in the project lifecycle. We understand that additional to regulatory requirements, it is important to maintain positive stakeholder relationships to ensure higher levels of acceptance, support, and compliance.

We advise on survey activities related to areas including:

  • Marine Licensing
  • Planning Consents
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • European Protected Species
  • Marine Mammal Disturbance