Complete support for your project

Founded in 2015, Hydrofix is an independent Marine Geoscience Consultancy specialising in offshore site investigation, seabed preparation and construction consultancy support throughout the project life cycle. We are committed to working with our Clients to deliver an integrated service focusing on safety, quality and efficiency. With a core focus on all aspects of geophysics and geomatics, we have established relationships with industry partners to further include Geotechnics, MetOcean and UXO Consultancy, ensuring that we are uniquely placed to support your project throughout all stages of development.

Extensive in-house experience

With over 100 years of combined in-house experience, the team have worked on almost all UK operational renewable projects incorporating wind, tide and wave energy sites. As an experienced multi-disciplined team, we are able to draw on our collective knowledge base to design solutions tailored to our Client's requirements, ensuring that safety and quality are not compromised whilst cost efficiencies are explored.

Hydrofix embraces development in personnel and attracting professionals to complement our current extensive knowledge base. With honesty as a core value, we work with our Clients to deliver a collaborative approach to the project ensuring that we remain your preferred marine geoscience partner for future projects.

Our team

Our core team collectively have over 100 years combined experience in all aspects of marine survey and geomatics across all industry sectors.

With extensive in-house expertise including all aspects of the management and delivery of hydrographic, geophysical and geotechnics site investigation, our team are well versed in supporting development and construction projects at all levels. A comprehensive team of professional associates complement our in-house team, ensuring that the best resources are selected to meet the project objectives.

Iain Bones

A RICS Chartered and IHO Category 'A' hydrographic surveyor, Iain benefits over 25 years of industry experience. Holding a variety of roles, including both offshore and onshore management roles, Iain maintains close connections with industry-leading developers.

Patrick Clark

With more than 18 years of experience both on and offshore, Patrick has worked with internationally recognised organisations providing both technical and commercial expertise. Qualified in geology and business management, Patrick provides advice and guidance at a strategic level.

Russell Venning

Russell has been at the forefront of hydrographic and geophysical surveying for more than 25 years. With considerable experience in leading teams, providing technical guidance and managing contracts, Russell is involved throughout the full life cycle of a project.

Gustav Pettersson

An expert in his field, Gustav has over 20 years of experience in providing technical expertise in the field of hydrographic surveying. Gustav benefits from years of experience in survey innovation, managing teams and delivering complex projects.

Greg Tandy

Greg is an IHO Category 'A' Hydrographic Surveyor with approaching 10 years of industry experience in all aspects of hydrography including technical client representation. He is currently working towards RICS accreditation.

Caroline Tweedle

With over 15 years of industry experience, Caroline is one of the UK's leading Geophysicists in the interpretation and analysis of marine magnetic data for UXO investigations for the last decade and now provides technical consultancy within the specialism in addition to wider geophysical consultancy.

Theo Gaussen

Theo is an experienced Marine Geoscientist with over 12 years of experience. With an exceptional track record in all fields of geophysical investigation, he has specialised in Depth of Burial and UXO data acquisition and analysis.

Core values

We are a team

We have a collaborative all-inclusive approach to technical innovative problem solving, working in partnership with our Clients to understand, consider, then deliver a quality product.

We are principled

We believe our reputation is the core of our business and our positive actions, are fundamental to who we are.

We are cost-conscious

We strive to make smart and sustainable choices to improve cost efficiencies for our Clients.

We are open and honest

We share information to improve ourselves, our colleagues and present clear and unbiased information to our Clients based on our collective knowledge and experience.

We are committed

Committed to each other, our Clients, the community, and the environment.