Health & Safety

Everybody at Hydrofix understands the importance of the moral and legal responsibility of keeping everybody safe when at work. Hydrofix takes a proactive approach to ensure all work is carried out safely and are actively working towards ISO45001 accreditation.

The Hydrofix management are committed and empower the whole team with all aspects relating to health and safety. The IMS provides a range of tools and procedures to ensure that all processes are formalised, documented and carried out to the highest safety standard possible ensuring that all employees, contractors and visitors are safe in all our places of work.


We understand how precious our natural environment is and recognises the need to reduce our impact in everything we do. We aim to exceed all aspects of environmental law and have a clear goal to ensure sustainability with our actions. The IMS is built around this goal and we are working towards ISO 14001 accreditation.

Here at Hydrofix we believe lots of small changes in behaviour are just as important as big changes when it comes to protecting the environment. 


A commitment to ‘High Quality’ forms the backbone of Hydrofix’s ethos.  The Hydrofix IMS is accredited to ISO 9001 and together with the supporting policies, procedures and processes ensures that we achieve our expecting high standards over the full lifespan of a project.

Hydrofix strives to deliver our Clients with products which not only meet with but exceed their requirements and expectations.  Our quality is built into everything we do from our Core Values through to the report we deliver.