Complete support during the entire project life-cycle

Hydrofix has extensive experience in providing geoscience support during the construction phase on a range of project types and sizes. Offering complete project life cycle support consultancy, Hydrofix provides geoscience advice and support to clients, contractors and sub-contractors from the tender stage through project delivery, handover and operations.

With a comprehensive track record, Hydrofix can provide practical on-site and remote support for projects of any size. Depending on requirements, our personnel can deliver project support on a one-off basis, or blend seamlessly into your project team to create a long-term collaborative support structure.

We adapt to your evolving requirements

The Hydrofix team benefit from significant experience in the management of geoscience data and offshore construction operations. With a proactive approach to construction support, our vision is to ensure that our Clients have the highest level of technical support whilst being able to maintain the flexibility to adapt to challenges as they arise during the project. Our team are fully cognisant of the difficulties involved in delivering construction projects, sharing creative solutions backed by years of experience.

Collaboration is key

We pride ourselves on an ethos of working collaboratively to deliver innovative solutions in a safe and efficient manner. Offshore construction projects typically involve large multi-disciplinary teams, and we believe it is our focus on adaptability, efficient communications and dynamic problem-solving that delivers results.

Our approach is based on developing long-term relationships with Clients, serving as a trusted partner from initial site reconnaissance through to handover. With a large network of regular professional associates, we can ensure that support is scaled accordingly as required during the project.

Geoscience support with proven experience

With decades of experience in managing geoscience data, the Hydrofix team are uniquely placed to offer streamlined processes for managing complex datasets. Our approach focuses on partnering with Clients and helping them develop best practices in data management; providing clear communications and effective solutions at every step. This ensures that your project is delivered with complete confidence in this critical information.

We offer a diverse range of construction support including:

  • Provision of Onshore Geoscience Construction Personnel (Project Surveyor)
  • Provision of Technical Offshore Supervisors (Client Representatives)
  • Site Investigation Project Management
  • Site Preparation Package Management
  • Ancillary Site Support Project Management (ATON, CTV, fisheries liaison management etc.)
  • Cable Protection Installation Project Management
  • Geospatial Data Management (CAD/GIS)
  • Project Reporting & O&M Handover Transition Support