Company Name RWE
Project Location Rampion Offshore Wind Farm
Project Description

Hydrofix were contracted by RWE to provide construction support personnel including a Project Surveyor and Construction Project Manager, Fisheries Liaison Officers and Offshore Supervisors during the construction of the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm between 2015 and 2019. In order to facilitate this, we established and managed a complete project survey resources team, which included an internal survey department with dedicated survey CTV and field surveyors for MBES, SSS and DoB data acquisition and analysis.

Hydrofix had overall responsibility for project seabed preparation and construction survey control. We provided contract management of many aspects of the project including scope of work preparation, evaluation, award, and Consultant QHSE document review and implementation. Contact management was also extended to construction support functions including management of RTK base station installation and maintenance contract; MetOcean buoy supply, install and maintain contract; Construction site markings (AtoN) supply, install and maintain contract; and CTV strategic procurement and management.

Hydrofix provided a Site Investigation Package Manager for the multi vessel UXO investigation and clearance, geophysical, geotechnical, depth of burial & consent surveys. We also provided survey consultancy supporting all external Package Managers for the inter array & export cable installation, offshore substation installation and WTG foundations.

Additionally, Hydrofix provided a Project Engineer who was responsible for the cable protection aspects of the installation including rock bag/subsea rock installation, boulder clearance & dredging operations.

Working in the Offshore Construction Manager’s team and based in the client’s construction base, Hydrofix were an inherent part of the Rampion project between the 2015 and 2020, with ongoing post construction support to date, offshore survey and project management including procurement.

The services Hydrofix provided were essential to the successful completion of the project and the 5-year and counting period of the relationship shows mutual commitment and satisfaction.

Neville Horton